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Avoid Delays on Your Loan Approval


To help avoid any delays with your loan approval, here is a list of Do’s and Don’ts for you to follow during your loan transaction to make things as smooth as possible:

  • Do continue to make your mortgage or rent payments on time
  • Do continue to use your credit card as you normally would
  • Do stay current on all existing accounts
  • Do not apply for new credit or loans of any kind
  • Do not change bank accounts or banks unless Lender advises
  • Do not change jobs
  • Do not make any large purchases  
  • Do not pay off existing accounts unless the Lender requests it

Nearing the close of Escrow, the Lender will verify most of your information.  They may call your employment and if you are taking a lower paying position or moving into a different field, this may result in your loan being denied.  Also, an increase in your debt due to a major purchase, an attempt to apply for another loan, or a change in your spending can result in your not qualifying for the loan.  Always consult your Realtor and/or Lender with questions about the process.


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